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Brand Service Providers with Leading Technological Advantages

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Antaivision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DVR, NVR and Camere.

The company has 100-200 employees and a factory area of 6,000 square meters. The company has three modern SMT patch lines from Panasonic Japan. The daily production capacity can reach 4000-5000 DVR and NVR motherboards, which are exported to all countries in the world, and have been processed and produced for many domestic listed companies, accumulating a complete production system.

Since its inception, the company has been committed to improving the quality and service of its products, as well as its price advantage.

Our general purpose

In line with the purpose of common development and win-win cooperation. Our professional technical team and industry consulting team can provide customers with the best touch solutions and the most professional technical services. Thanks to the rapid development of the industry, customer demand is becoming more and more mature. Through the integration of numerous industry resources, we can promote the application of capacitive touch screen in all walks of life with customers to realize product value and more value-added services.

Adhere to the industrialization of core technology, enhance user experience, create application value, and let science and technology touch life!

Quality and Service

Quality first is our pursuit of truth, environmental protection and safety is our commitment to every customer. Our products strictly implement ISO9001 and ISO4001 standards, from product planning and design, material inspection to production and manufacturing process control, to finished product shipment and waste recycling, all require green environmental protection, in line with EU ROHS standards. Accurate.

Compliance with EU 

ROHS Standard

Strict Implementation of ISO9001 

and ISO4001 Standards

Reform and Upgrade of 

Automation Production Line

Core competencies and advantages

The company has a top security monitoring scheme design technical team and industry consultation team, our team in the field of security, consumer, vehicle and APP applications has accumulated more than 10 years of industry experience. A variety of security solutions can be provided. The company has three modern SMT patch lines of Panasonic, Japan, specializing in DVR, NVR, Camere.

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Brand Service Providers with Leading Technological Advantages

 and Absolute Influences in Security Monitoring Industry