[HS-GL-3304BJ(∗)] 4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale

////[HS-GL-3304BJ(∗)] 4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale

[HS-GL-3304BJ(∗)] 4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale

  • There are 10 more different dvr boxes available

  • H.264 (H.265 avaliabe) compression with low bit rate and better image quality

  • 4 channel 1080p security camera dvr, plug-in-play for easy use

  • Support VGA/ HDMI video output, with 2 USB interfaces

  • Real-time recording and payback, highly reliable video security without loss or delay

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4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale.This 4-channel DVR is compatible with IP security cameras from 720p all the way to 4K resolution. It comes with 2 internal SATA HDDs, each HDDs max up to 6TB storage capacity). Smart monitoring through our powerful Coolcam app helps you stay connected to your security system from your smart device. Don’t miss out on the vital details you need. This top-of-the-line DVR is perfect for commercial or residential security systems.

Antaivision offers 10 more different 4 channel dvr boxes for you as choice. (D case, FC case, FD case, FE case, FH case, J case, P case, R case, W case, Z case)

4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale

Specification of 4ch Security Camera HDMI DVR Recorder Wholesale

Model HS-GL-3304BJ(D/FC/FD/FE/FH/P/R/W/Z)
 System Main chip Hi3521A*1
System Resources Multi-channel Realtime recording, Multi-channel playback, Multi-channel network operation, USB Backup
 Interface Operation menu 16-bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supported
Display 1/4 display(take the pure coaxial input mode as an example)
 Video Format H.264/Optional H.264 + (quasi-H.265)
Output VGA、HDMI(max up to 1080P)
Preview 4*AHD/TVI/CVI-4M@25fps /4*5M@20fps
Recode 4*AHD/TVI/CVI-4M@15fps /4*5M@11fps
Decord 4*AHD/TVI/CVI-4M@15fps /4*5M@11fps
Multi-mode Input AHD:4*5M;4*4M;4*3M;4*1080P;4*720P;4*960H
Motion Detect Each view window can set 192(16*12)detection area,can set multi-level sensitivity (only for local channel)
Audio Audio G.711A
Intercom Support
Recording and Playback Recording mode Manual、Alarm、Motion Detect、Timer
Local playback 4 Channel(when Analog mode)
Video search Time, Date,Event,Channel search
Storage and Backup Storage Local HDD, Network
Backup Network backup, external HDD, USB Drive, HDD
Port Video Input 4 * BNC
Video Output 1 * VGA,1 * HDMI(MAX: 1920*1080)
Spot Monitor No
Audio Input 4 * RCA
Audio Output 1 * RCA
Alarm Input Optional (Max: 4 channels)
Alarm Output Optional(can be 1 channel)
Network port RJ45 10M/100M
PTZ Control 1 * RS485 Support multipal PTZ Contract
USB port 2 * USB Port
HDD Port 2 * SATA hdd ports(up to 8T for each one)
Wireless Port 3G、WIFI(can be USB WIFI Dongle)
Others Power 1*HDD: 12V/2A  2*HDD: 12V/5A  1 * HDD with screen: 12V / 3A
Power consumption Less than 15W(no HDD)
Working temperature 0℃—+55℃
Working humidity 10%—90%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa—106kpa
Size 171mm*78mm
Weight 135g

Learn more about h.264 dvr manual

Factory Advantage


  • All the materials are cooperate with the biggest supplier around the world, so we can assure the high quality requirement. We also equip plenty of private mold for customers as considerations.
  • AntaiVision has the full line of manufacturing from raw materials to finished product, which can achieve the customized product order.
  • Motion detect & holiday record, AntaiVision DVR can achieve the Real-time Transport Protocol and non real time record automatically. Our DVR can save the storage by reducing the recording at night or during holiday. Because AntaiVision recorder can detect the movement and change the recording function.
  • Image reversal & Snap Shot, our DVR can reverse that image automatically when you install the DVR/Camera inversion. Antai DVR also adopts the snap shot technology satisfy customer need.

AntaiVision offer 1% of changeable equipment pieces for free, two years warranty, and whole life fixed period.

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